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Debut album - "Here And Now"

album REviews - here and now

Chris Spector (Midwest Record) USA:
«White Funk Brothers? Foreigner Wrecking Crew? With chops stretching back over 40 years in which they've graced everything possible in their native shores, they finally decided to kick it out on their own. As fitting such old chops, they serve up an arena rock/AOR date that perfectly captures the zeitgeist of what boomers call the era of real music. A stadium sound in search of a stadium, this bunch really knows how to turn it up hot and heavy


Blues Magazine NL:

The Ellis Mano Band presents a rich tapestry of universal joy and sorrow. Chris’s voice is like Kentucky bourbon; smooth as glass but with an addictive burn. He sings with a tense sincerity that pairs gorgeously with the lyrical ferocity of Edis’s guitar.
Every track is rich with perfectly chosen detail; tasteful Hammond B3, the sweet appeal of horns that reflect the blazing summer heat during which they were recorded, the background choirs that could have come directly in from Muscle Shoals.




Album Reviews

Norman Darwen (Flyinshoes) UK:

This individual members of this Swiss four-piece outfit have years of experience on the European and, in drummer Nico Looser’s case, the American rock scene...

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Rock And Blues Muse LA USA:


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